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​Learning for Life

Our school is a place of endeavour, teamwork, friendship and laughter.​

Our shared Christian values and ambitions unite us.

​Working in strong partnership is very important to every child's learning journey.  Parents obviously have the most powerful influence on their child's development and we aim to help parents 'belong' and to feel that Windsor Park is their school too.

We encourage you to attend whenever we hold our Parent Consultation Evenings.

To help you support your child/ren at home, we have developed information evenings throughout the course of the year which have, so far, been very well attended.

If you have any ideas about how we can further support our partnership, please let us know.  One way this can be achieved is by completing a Suggestions form and posting it in the Suggestions Box in our reception area.  Alternatively, you may wish to join our Parents'​ Forum, if so, please contact Mrs S Capewell at school.

"The school has established a strong partnership with parents.  Information is provided through the website and regular reports on progress.  A parents' forum has been established which is enabling parents to express their views and to share in the school's drive for further improvement."  Ofsted, March 2015.​