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​​Religious Education​

Whole School Communion Service

Just before breaking up for the Christmas holidays, the whole school visited St Mary the Virgin Church of England Church in Uttoxeter to take part in a School Communion Service.

During the service over 80 children chose to take part in the communion element of the service, either through being blessed or taking communion.

It was fantastic to see so many children choosing to participate in such a special service.


Communion before Confirmation

Before Christmas, Rev. Sue Willets will be running a Communion before confirmation course in school. This is a great opportunity for those younger children who feel that they would like to take communion, but are not quite ready to be confirmed.

For further information please contact Mrs Howells.

This link may answer some of your questions[1].pdf

Any older pupils who wish to be confirmed need to speak to their parish priest, but are more than welcome to discuss their wishes with Mrs Howells. Further information about confirmation can be found here

Frequently asked questions about confirmation in the Church of England.



Student Worship Team

The Student Worship Team delivered a fabulous assembly on the theme of 'Service', it included a very entertaining video which they had made to introduce themselves.  They spoke clearly and confidently to the whole school.  We are very proud of them and look forward to their next assembly.​

Student Worship Team.JPG Worship Tree.JPG