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 Maths at Windsor Park

  • Key Stage 2 students have seven Mathematics lessons per week.
  • Key Stage 3 students have five lessons per week.​

All children are encouraged to learn the multiplication tables, and their progress will be assessed by frequent mental tests.  Children are taught mental, pencil and paper, and calculator methods for arithmetic operations.  Students learn to make sensible decisions about how to tackle calculations.  The correct use of calculators will be encouraged, mainly in Key Stage 3, but the students will always be expected to use mental methods as a first choice when a calculation is needed.

  • Our long term aim within the department is to enable all students to "feel at home" with numbers.

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Students are taught in separate Maths sets in years 6 and 7 with years 5 and 8 being taught in sets that are shared with Science.

Maths classes are led by Mr Thomas, Mr Birch, Mrs Cullen and Mrs Dann with the assistance of Mrs Hayes, Miss Paterson and Mrs Thornton.


We are working this year to enhance our delivery of Numeracy across the curriculum.  Mrs Cullen has taken on coordination of this and we will be supporting staff in the running of several WOW days through the year.

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Pirates Numeracy Academy

Year 6 students at Windsor Park Middle School had a splashing experience this week as they embarked on Captain Cullen's mathematical journey.

First port of call was using their mathematical skills to design, create and paint a pirate flag using tessellating shapes.

By day two the perilous pirates were getting peckish so they were sent to the galley to bake a batch of scrumptious ship biscuits.

Day three saw the children treading the treacherous waters of navigation with work on angles, bearings and maps.

Day four, land ahoy.  Students reached the end of their mathematical journey and were rewarded with their share of the pirate bounty by our Chair of Governors "Admiral" Johnstone.  Prizes were awarded to the students, including, for the best design of flag, best coordinate activity, best biscuits, best pirate map, most enthusiastic pirate, most mathematical pirate, and the finale was the best dressed pirates.  "Admiral" Johnstone said, "I was delighted to be asked to present so many awards as the students had worked so hard.  Plus, I am pleased to report that nobody 'walked the plank'!".

Mrs Cullen, Numeracy Across the Curriculum Co-ordinator said, "The students thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Pirates Numeracy Academy learning lots of new mathematical skills along the way."




'Numeracy WOW Day'

We held a 'Numeracy WOW Day' on the 14th October.  The theme this term was the Rugby World Cup.  Students took part in various activities in all lessons.

The French department incorporated place value and ordering numbers into their lesson.

The children's Learning for Life lesson combined ordering, highest & lowest and averages.

Our DT department showed their symmetrical skills by using the flags from all the countries competing in the Rugby World Cup.

During Geography lessons Maths was definitely on the map as the children located various countries within the world.

Art added a splash of colour by combining paints with ratio and proportion into their learning.

An alternative game of bingo was held in one of our Maths lessons.  The students worked out the relevant numbers being called from the following rugby scores.  Try = 5  Drop goal = 3  Penalty = 3  Converted try = 7.

Our PE department integrated statistics into their lessons.  They used tally charts in a group activity counting the number of consecutive passes in games of netball and rugby.

Our Music department took Maths to a whole different level when they looked at creating their own musical beats.

In English, students imagined how they would feel when they walked onto the pitch at the World Cup and produced some wonderful descriptive writing.

In RE, Year 5 had a discussion on the various countries flags whilst incorporating a times table activity.

Year 8 in DT continued their option block lesson looking at the importance of accuracy and ratio when placing drink orders.

Our successful day ended with a selection of children chosen for their fantastic outfits.​


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