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Year 8 Projects

In the Summer term Year 8 had the opportunity to research their own independent projects.  They had to choose an event, theme or person from the years 1950 up to present day, find their own sources and create a piece of work based on this.  They had a choice of how they wanted to present it and had to include a bibliography with an analysis of the sources that they had used.  There was a prize for the best in each class.

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Culture Club

The History and Geography Department with the French Department set up a Culture Club to give students the opportunities to learn about different cultures outside of lesson time.  Every week the students chose what they wanted to discover for the following week.  The sessions included: trying foods from different countries; practicing national dances; learning Russian as well as looking at Sports in different parts of the World.

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Inter-house competition Mathematics and History

The results of the competition were, in 1st place with an average score of 59% was Chartley, followed by Tutbury in 2nd place with 36% and in 3rd place Alton with 32%.  The top scorer was Matthew Payne with 79%.  Well done to everyone who took part. 



Visit to Redfern’s Cottage Museum of Uttoxeter Life

Year 6 students from Windsor Park Middle School visited Redfern's Cottage Museum of Uttoxeter Life for a 4th year.  The children walked down to the museum in their History lessons, as part of their Local History Module looking at how Uttoxeter has changed over the past 400 years.  The school's re-visit was so important because Windsor Park was the first school to have visited the museum since it had been taken over by volunteers.

Laura Wigg-Bailey, Hon. Curator of the museum commented on the visit saying, "We are thrilled when Windsor Park visits to learn about the town's history.  The school has visited every year since we opened in 2010 and the children are always a delight.  They throw themselves into all the activities and are respectful and interested in the displays".

Students were able to look at how their town has changed and took part in activities, such as; making traders sign using trade directories, Victorian wash day, making pomanders.  The children were then taken on a tour of the museum, which included looking at the artefacts and they listened to a reading of the 'Spider and Fly' poem, which was read by one of the museum volunteer's dressed up as the poet, Mary Howitt.

The Head of History from Windsor Park, Miss Yorke stated," The pupils have thoroughly enjoyed the visit and learnt a great deal about their local history. There were new activities from last year's visit making Redfern's Cottage Museum of Uttoxeter Life an ever changing learning experience".

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