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Rainfall Models

In Geography, Year 7 have been creating rainfall models using play dough to explain three types of rainfall: Relief, Convectional and Frontal rainfall.  Each group was given a different type of rainfall and they used their models to explain them to the rest of the class.​

​​Rainfall Models - 1.JPG Rainfall Models - 3.JPG

Rainfall Models - 2.JPG Rainfall Models.JPG

How Population in Different Countries Change

Students have been using a range of strategies to look at how population in different countries change and the reasons for that.  They have played a game with jelly babies to analyse the different factors. 

Population.JPG Population - 4.JPG

 Population - 2.JPG Population - 3.JPG

Earthquake Proof Buildings

As part of their topic "Risky World" in Geography, year 8 have been looking at ways that countries deal with earthquakes, particularly focusing on the buildings. They were shown a comparison of pictures in Haiti in 2010 (7.0. on the Richter Scale) and Tokyo in 2011 (9.0 on the Richer Scale) to see the damage caused in Haiti but not Tokyo due to having Earthquake proof buildings. They then watched a short clip of a person talking about buildings in San Francisco that are built to withstand an earthquake and were given some cards with key features for these type of buildings and had to order them in terms of importance. Using these ideas, in groups, they then designed their own buildings with particular features. They used these designs and jelly babies and dried spaghetti to build their structures. They had certain stipulations as to the height and width of the buildings and that they had to have at least one floor.

Risky World in Geography.JPG Risky World in Geography - 1.JPG

Geography Art Gallery

Year 5 have designed their own Geography Art Galleries to show what they think Geography is all about.  They had to include at least 5 pictures and a title and there was a winner for the best in each class. ​