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Design and Technology

Welcome to Design Technology at Windsor Park Middle School.

At Windsor Park students benefit from being taught a wealth of Design Technology disciplines.  From the moment students arrive in year 5 they begin their journey of exploring resistant materials, textiles, electronics, graphics and food technology.

We work hard to give students the opportunity to learn and apply practical skills, use a range of tools and equipment and gain experiences of how these skills are applied in industry.

We are fortunate to have forged links with industrial leaders in the fields of textiles, engineering and food.  These links are a vital role in students seeing how their learning impacts on their future and indeed has created opportunity for work experience.

Take a look at some of the photographs that show the interactive, fun and challenging lessons students take part in at Windsor Park Middle School.


At Windsor Park we develop students' awareness of food and where it comes from.  We encourage students to nurture seeds and see them grow.  Potting plants, learning about water and sunlight for growth, repotting plants and tending to the garden space, even fixing gardening tools using woodwork skills!

This half term some year 5 students have potted tomato plants and made colourful windmills to display in the Windsor garden.

We have an array of tomato plants, lettuce, coriander, mint, thyme and rosemary growing and our sweetcorn has been set.  The beans will be potted on soon.

Busy work but such fun, students have enjoyed the practical tasks, worked hard, learnt new skills that they can use for the future.

'Field to Fork' is a national initiative to encourage young people to know where their food comes from and how to live sustainably.

Well done to all students involved.  Keep watering those plants!!!

Even the worms get a well-deserved spot of attention!




Design and Technology​Visit to Perkins in StaffordTen year 8 students from Windsor Park Middle School won the "Perkins Engineering" team challenge prize.

Ten year 8 students from Windsor Park Middle School won the "Perkins Engineering" team challenge prize.

Mr Mark Stones, Training and Apprentice Coordinator and STEM Ambassador for Perkins organised a day for students to see 'life as an Engineer'.

Students had a tour of the factory seeing manufacturing production, test sessions, data analysis and problem solving along with a STEM Engineer challenge.

Elliot Jones said, "I really enjoyed the day at the Perkins factory.  An opportunity like this was once in a lifetime and a great experience."

Ben Careless, Tom Bennett, Emmaley Taylor, Abigail Walters, Katie Thacker, Harrison Bott, Elliott Jones, Nick Lamb, Heidi Woodward and Erin Bedford were treated to lunch and received gifts as a token of their day's experience.

Heidi Woodward commented, "Engineering is not just for males, it's for females as well.  I really enjoyed looking around and realising how much thought and effort has to be put in to make the factory work and for the products to be made."

Perkins manufacture diesel and gas engines and is part of the Caterpillar group, which has a turnover of £52 billion.  Their recent ventures have seen a plant built in India.

Mr Stones praised the students in saying, "All of the pupils were a credit to the school, polite, smart and also asking some very good questions relating to engineering and our Perkins products."


Link to Staffordshire STEM Centre​.





Creative Enterprise Club

The Windsor Park Creative Enterprise Club was set up in September inviting year 7 and year 8 students to attend sessions on Monday and Friday lunchtimes.  The theme this term has been Christmas cards.  Using materials, ribbons, beads and craft accessories donated by Mrs Wilbraham-Jones a number of year 7 and year 8 students have hand-crafted a set of Christmas cards using simple embroidery techniques.  They have also created a series of 'Party Frock' cards, each of which is decorated with an origami party frock.

Ashleigh said, "I have learnt new skills and how to thread a needle more quickly."

Emily commented, "I have enjoyed using my lunchtimes to make the cards."

Newcomer, Jade stated, "I'm looking forward to the next project."

 Creative Enterprise Club.JPG


Teen Tech UK (Staffs)

Ten year 8 students from Windsor Park Middle School were chosen for their gift and talent in computer science, DT and or science to take part in TeenTech Staffordshire – Inspiring Tomorrow's Innovators, which was held at Uttoxeter Racecourse.

The day was divided into innovation, inspiration and challenge zones.  A whole host of companies, education providers, designers, science specialists came together for TeenTech.

Students learned about new technology, used new apps and software, programmed robots, competed in team engineer challenges, electronics problem solving, sampled the use of SMART products and entered into competitions for designing new technology.

The day was outstanding, fun and our students were very impressed at what was on offer.

Companies such as Maplin, JCB, Perkins along with Universities, suppliers, engineers not forgetting game designers / apps designers and host of "Tomorrow's World" Maggie Philbin came along as project patron.

Tom Bennett won a £25.00 iTunes voucher for his new innovative design.  Tom said "I am absolutely delighted to win.  This event is a truly unique opportunity."

All ten students won the team challenge, for which they were given goodie bags and a trip to Perkins engineering in Stafford, with a luxury VIP lunch included.

TeenTech.JPGTeenTech - 1 (Small).JPG