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Fifth Photography Workshop

The theme of the fifth photography workshop was landscape and nature.​​

5th Photography Workshop.JPG​ 5th Photography Workshop - 6.JPG

5th Photography Workshop - 5.JPG 5th Photography Workshop - 3.JPG

5th Photography Workshop - 1.JPG 5th Photography Workshop - 2.JPG

5th Photography Workshop - 4.JPG

Third and Fourth Photography Workshops

In week three students researched into a famous photographer.  

The theme of the fourth photography workshop was forced perspective.

4th Photography Workshop - 2.JPG 4th Photography Workshop - 1a.jpg

4th Photography Workshop.JPG

Second Photography Workshop

The theme of the second photography workshop was fine art / still life photography.



Photography Workshops

Fantastic work so far in the first photography options workshop.  Students were focusing on portrait for their first activity.​

Photography workshops 1.JPG Photography workshops 3.JPG Photography workshops 4.JPG

Photography workshops 2.JPG Photography workshops 5.JPG

Rotary Club of Uttoxeter photography competition

Students from across Uttoxeter were invited by the Rotary Club of Uttoxeter to enter photographs into their annual photography competition.

Windsor Park Middle School has entered the photography competition for the last three years and has progressively raised our standard of entries year on year.

This year has seen a larger number of Windsor Park students entering the competition who have a passion for photography and has been a fantastic success as we have gained top places in both colour and black & white categories for the 6-11 age range.

Windsor Park has won First prize in the colour category along with a number of Highly Commended winners in both colour and black & white categories.

Miss McKenzie who is Head of Art said, "We have had a larger range of students entering this year from year 5 to year 8, boys and girls.  It's been a great opportunity for students from Windsor Park to show the County how talented they are.  I am thrilled that we have won so many awards in our third year of entering the competition. The students deserve this positive recognition for their hard work and natural talent."






Inter-house competition - Art department
The Art department at Windsor Park Middle School rolled out a whole school competition based on the question 'What does art mean to you?'

Pupils had three weeks to produce a piece of art, video, poem or powerpoint presentation that represented what they felt art meant to them.

There was a fantastic response with over one hundred entries!!  It was very difficult for the judges Miss McKenzie and Mrs Owen to choose the winners.

First place was awarded to Shannon Selwood of Tutbury house who produced a fantastically inspiring video.

Second place was awarded jointly to Abby Moore and Wanicha Promrak.

Third place awarded jointly to Katie Large and Alice Radley.

This is what Shannon had to say about her winning entry, "I was shocked to win as I enjoyed looking through all our old photos to make my video.  I also had fun selecting the songs to go with it as that took more time to choose the right one.  My prize was brilliant and I have already put most of it into my pencil case for school and loved the snacks, which I shared with my friends."

Well done to all who entered and the winners, overall winner was TUTBURY HOUSE!!!


Year 5 Mini Beast project




Year​ 6 Eco project





Year 7 Still Frame Animation

Y7 Still Frame Animation.JPG Y7 Still Frame Animation - 2.JPG

Y7 Still Frame Animation - 3.JPG Y7 Still Frame Animation - 1.JPG


Year​ 8 Eco project





​Year 8 gifted and talented visit to Newcastle under Lyme College

Students from year 8 at Windsor Park Middle School who have been identified as being gifted and talented in art were given the opportunity to visit the FE art exhibitions at Newcastle under Lyme College.

During the visit, the students were able to see the vast amount of artwork on display that had been produced by a number of A Level and foundation students at the college.  Windsor Park students even had the opportunity to chat to the college students about their work.

The day was enjoyed by all.  Students were able to experience a morning in the life of a college student.  Options for a creative future were discussed and possible pathways.

Quotes from Windsor Park pupils "The art work displayed was very creative and unique.  I would like to attend Newcastle college in the future"

"It was a good experience and it has shown me the different elements of art and design.  I had a great time."

 Y8 students.jpg


Refurbishment of Art Department

The art department has been extensively refurbished over the summer holidays.  The department is now looking fantastic.

It is well equipped.  Also a safer, cleaner, more organised and inspirational environment to work in.
Miss McKenzie who is Head of Art would like to personally thank all of the staff who were involved with the refurbishment.

The room is now deserving of the fantastic work that comes out of it!